8 things kids should be able to do with technology…

… that’s the title of an interesting article published by Educational Technology and Mobile Learning on the basis of an image found on Twitter some time ago.

It shows in a very clear way what we want our students to do (create presenations, videos, images…) instead of what we should teach them. Tho‘, to teach is not the right word. We should help our students building up different compentencies on a meta level. Instead of creating a stunning presentation using effects and colors and music, they should know where to find the right pieces of information, they should be able to select those pieces they need and think critically. They should also be aware of copyright and the reliability of information found online.

In order to reach our goal, we – as teachers and trainers – should be aware of the different styles of learning. That’s a traditional point of discussion: are there different styles or learning or not… Wether the theory of the different learning styles is true or false: It’s for sure that we learn better in learn settings rich in variety. There is just one crucial point: Don’t overtax your students! Variety is fantastic, but don’t forget to schedule periods of rest and positive „boredom“.