One browser – one social network? If life was so easy…

Nowadays, people can choose their favorite browsers and social networks corresponding to their specific needs. Have you ever asked yourself Which Social Network Is Right For You?  A brand guide by Modern Lessons can help you to answer it. Do you work with videos? Do you like to write texts? Do you want to reach a huge public? The infographic shows you the advantages and disadvantages of different social networks.

Some of the browsers depend on the operating system (such as the Internet Explorer), some are platform-independent (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Do you know which browser is best for you? The short article Which Browser Is Best ForYou? can help you to find the browser answering your needs. Some just use a specific browser, because everybody uses it. Some time ago Edudemic published an interesting infographic answering the question Which Countries Use Which Browsers?

As far as I’m concerned, I have to admit that I don’t use just one browser, but, in fact, at least three of them. And I’m member in different social networks. May be I’m not the only one, to have a at least a personal (private vs. public) and a professional personality that influences my choice every day.