What did we do before the digital age?

I found a very nice video while browsing the web: Life Before the Internet: What We Used to Do. It shows how we used to interact some years ago. Today’s youth can’t understand how we could live without the internet and without cell phones. Here’s a short explanation of what we used to do.

The infographic Kids of Past VS Internet Generation shows the differences between the Baby Boomers, the Generations X and Y and the Millenials. How do they spend their free time? How do they study? How do they use mobile devices and social media?

Time has changed. Here are 10 Things Students Won’t Need To Know When They Graduate. Do you use a mouse? Do you regularly place data on a CD? Did we replace them? Look at this infographic: 50 Activities Replaced By Technology (Or Were They?) Or read the article Say Goodbye to the Tech Sounds You’ll Never Hear Again. Do you remember all these tech sounds?

So let’s face the crucial question:  Are you a kid of the 90s? Do you know all kind of stuff mentioned in this presentation? May be we should sometimes think back and remember the good old times in order to cope with our new, „digital“ problems. Life was not better 15 years ago, it was different. Do you remember? Il était une fois… les technologies du passé

And if we get stuck, here are Free Classroom Guides and Educational Downloads that can help us to cope with the new situation. Or is it that new to thank a teacher or to think green?